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The Cook County Department of Environmental Control’s Solar Market Pathways project demonstrated how to lay the groundwork for the development of a community solar market. Through new resources and analysis that have shown the viability and value proposition of community solar, Cook County has forged a pathway that other communities can follow to establish community solar markets. The following resources have been created to enable stakeholders in other communities to replicate Cook County’s experience.



Cook County Catalyzes Community Solar in Illinois (and Beyond): A Solar Market Pathways Case Study

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council prepared this case study to highlight the insights and lessons learned from Cook County’s project, including the many resources the team developed.


Opening Doors to Community Solar: Insights from Cook County, IL and Other Local Governments

In this webinar, local government representatives from Cook County, IL; Will County, IL; and Minneapolis, MN shared information and important considerations for site owners, municipalities, and other stakeholders interested in community solar. The webinar covered tools and lessons learned from Cook County, key considerations for developing and reviewing requests for proposals, and how to prepare for community solar development.


Community Solar for Cook County

This report can provide a roadmap for other communities interested in understanding the barriers to community solar in their regions and the steps they can take to address those barriers and expand community solar markets.


Community Solar Resources Matrix

This table lists resources created by Cook County and other entities that explore a range of community solar topics, including community solar basics, policy and program design, finance and economics, and consumer engagement and education.


Community Solar Basics

This checklist helps guide decision-makers and program designers as they develop community solar programs, and offers relevant additional resources for reference.