We’re working to reduce the soft costs of solar electricity in the U.S.


Duluth is taking a comprehensive planning approach to put solar on:



Historic neighborhoods

Public housing

Emergency facilities

and more...

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15 colleges in Virginia are exploring the potential to use solar to advance campus sustainability goals.


Five pilot projects in the Chicago metro area will demonstrate the potential for community solar programs in the region.

Salt Lake City Skyline Panorama – Urban Panoramic Photography

In Salt Lake City, emergency management is finding how to use solar with batteries to have power....

when they need it most.

We’re Finding Innovative Approaches to Accelerate Deployment of Solar Energy in the US.

The Solar Market Pathways Program brings together 14 diverse teams from across the country under a single goal: increase solar adoption by reducing the soft costs associated with solar. Here are some of their key approaches:

This site has been designed to help you learn from fourteen projects that have been funded by the US Department of Energy to create innovative plans and strategies to expand the use of solar energy. Together we are driving down the cost of solar energy and accelerating the deployment of this clean, safe and reliable source of power across the country. Please read about our work, use our toolkits and contribute to the body of knowledge about how we can create new solar market pathways.